Minimalist Luxury Beauty by MERIT

Minimalist Luxury Beauty by MERIT- Intro

So excited to introduce you to the new minimalist luxury beauty brand: MERIT! 

The makeup brand was created to change how luxury beauty is imagined, by making it well-edited, holistic, and accessible. Like myself and many other women, we don’t wear makeup as much as we use to since the pandemic. However, if we do indulge in wearing makeup we prefer brands like MERIT that do more, with less.

Though they launched with seven products, I had the opportunity to use: ‘The Minimalist’, ‘Day Glow’, ‘Flush Balm’, ‘Volumizing Eyebrow Pomade Gel’, and ‘Shade Slick Tinted Lip Oil’.


Minimalist Luxury Beauty by MERIT - PRODUCTS

‘The Minimalist’ is the perfecting complexion stick. I use the shade: ‘Chestnut’ (Deep tan with red undertones) I love that it’s not just a foundation or concealer, it’s both! Therefore, I can use it where I need to and it will still give me a natural skin-like finish.

Key Benefits:

  •  The complexion stick acts as a natural conditioner to prevent water loss with the innovative vegan emollient blend, which mimics the natural moisture found in the skin.
  •  Lightweight emulsifiers create enhanced spreadability and superior wear with little product

‘Day Glow’ is the balmy highlighter for daytime. If you aren’t into sparkle and prefer a natural dewy look, this will be perfect for you. My skin tends to get dry easily in the winter, however the gellified base easily restore moisture and plumped my skin.

Key Benefits:

  •  Packed with great ingredients such as squalene, phytosterol, and amino acid to replenish moisture to your skin.

Most importantly, I love what the brand stands for: taking a holistic approach to clean, making products that are safe for your skin, body and planet. The minimalist luxury beauty has definitely earned a spot on my vanity.

I’m so glad I was able to try these products, and I’m looking forward to trying out more from MERIT beauty!

Flush Balm

I love the cheeky (cool pink) color in the ‘Flush Balm’ Cream Blush. The blush melts into your skin perfectly, so there is no chalky residue that tends to not be flattering if it’s not blended properly. I can easily apply it on my skin by swiping it on my skin, and blend with my fingers.

Key Benefits:

  • A low molecular weight emollient delivers slip and light finish without clogging your pores. The blush forms a breathable layer that keeps color intact throughout the day.
  • The soft wax with a low melting point glides onto your skin, and the creamy transparent veil of color from the microfine pigment powders, lets your skin show through.
Brow 1980 Volumizing Eyebrow Gel

The ‘Brow 1980 Volumizing Eyebrow Pomade Gel’ is a node to brows in the 80s, just adding color and volume for a healthy, fluffy brows. I love using it to fill in my brows where there is gaps, and for a more natural look. I advise getting the black/brown, even if your brows are not too dark. It’s super light, so you will have to apply a lot for it to standout.

Key Benefits:

  • A natural mineral and kaolin clay based blended with synthetic beeswax creating a flexible, volumizing coat around the brows to shape and add depth and dimension.
  • The eyebrow gel is infused with vitamin B5 adding shine and flexibility to brows, while   strengthening the hairs over time.
Shade Slick Tinted Lip Oil

I got the “Marrakech” (bright peach) color in the ‘Shade Slick Tinted Lip Oil’. It’s a pretty color that will look good  on any complexion. I love the fact that it is not just pretty, but hydrating as well. I rarely have to apply multiple times when out.

Key Benefits:

  • The lip oil has shea butter, reship oil, grapeseed, and avocado oil nourish the lips and replace lost moisture.
  • The polymer gel base locks color and moisture in, extending the wear.

I’m so glad I was able to try these products, and I’m looking forward to trying out more from MERIT beauty! 


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Last Minute Gifting Solutions For Christmas!

Last Minute Gifting Solutions for Christmas!-

Happy Holidays!

If you happen to run out of time to order your gifts, I have got you covered for the top retailers offering last-minute gifting solutions for Christmas. For these brands, they offer same day pickup or pickup after the item is shipped to the store. However, don’t forget to select the “pick up in-store” option at checkout!

Checkout below all of my favorite gift options from each brand!


This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure for more information.


Last Minute Gifting Solutions for Christmas!- Nordstrom

Even though Nordstrom has the option for expediting, there will be no guarantee it will arrive by Christmas. Therefore, doing a curbside pick up and getting a free gift wrapping would be best! You can get more details on Nordstrom site about curbside pickup here

Shop: Christmas Gifts for Women | Christmas Gifts for Men


Last Minute Gifting Solutions for Christmas!- Target

You can order with Drive Up in the Target app, and they will bring it to your car for free. This is great if you prefer no personal contact. However, there is also in store pickup that will usually be ready within 4 hours. You can get more information on order pickups at Target here

Shop: Gift Ideas for Women | Gift Ideas for Men


Last Minute Gifting Solutions for Christmas!- Walmart

You can enjoy free same-day pickup when you place your order before 3pm on the Walmart app. They also offer to deliver your items to your car for free or schedule to swing by when convenient for you. For those who have a busy schedule around the holidays, this will be pretty convenient. Get more information on Walmarts curbside pickup and delivery here.

Shop: Beauty & Personal Care Gifts | Tech Gifts | Home Gifts

Urban Outfitters
Last Minute Gifting Solutions for Christmas!- Urban Outfitters

Though many of Urban Outfitters stores are temporarily closed due to the pandemic, select locations are offering curbside pickup options. To see if an item is eligible for store pickup, check the availability on the product detail page. Items that are in stock will be ready for pickup within 24 hours. Get more information on Walmarts curbside pickup and delivery here.

Shop: Gift Ideas for Women | Gift Ideas for Men | Home Gifts

What are you looking forward to shopping for during the holidays?

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Cyber Week Deals: Where To Shop And What To Buy!

Hi Fashionistas!

I’m sure you are looking forward to the biggest shopping week of the year! If you’re like me, you look forward to Black Friday and Cyber Monday to get specific items that will not usually be discounted. Whether you need skincare tools to add to your skincare regimen, or electronics, Black Friday is the unofficial launch for the holiday season.

Do you have a long shopping list for gifts? No worries, shopping during this week will give you the opportunity to save.

Whether you choose to shop in stores or online, having a guide will be beneficial to not miss out on the best deals. My guide below will cover my favorite high-end and low price fashion and beauty retailers.


Cyber Week Deals- Shopbop

If you love contemporary styles and designers, you should not miss out on ShopBop’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday early sales! Starting on 11/20, they will have up to 50% off of 1000s of just-added styles.

Shop My Favorites


Cyber Week Deals- Ultabeauty

Skincare is something we have had a lot more time to do while in quarantine. I’m looking forward to getting skincare tools, and beauty products that are a bit pricey. For instance, PMD Personal Microderm PRO is a great skincare tool that I’m currently enjoying. You can get one for yourself or it can be a great gift. Ulta’s cyber week deals have already started, and you can get up to 50% off at the Hello Holiday Sale

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Cyber Week Deals- NORDSTROM

Nordstrom is well known to have great deals during this time of year, and this year is no different. They’re cyber week deals begins on Nov. 20th- Dec. 1st. Look out for new deals dropping throughout the sale. Below I have some of my favorites from the preview list.

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Cyber Week Deals- SHEIN

If you want to try all the latest trends but don’t want to break the bank, definitely check out Shein’s cyber week deals. You can get up to 70% off everything on their site. Get 10% off purchases $19+ ; 15% off purchases $59+ ; 20% off purchases $129+. Use code: BLACKFRI20

Shop My Favorites

Cyber Week Deals- H&M

H&M’s cyber week deals have begun with up to 50% off online and in-store. If you’re not already a member, sign up to get extra off!

Shop My Favorites!

Cyber Week Deals- Missguided

It’s fall going into winter, and I’ve been wearing sweats all the time! I love Missguided sweats because not only are they reasonably priced, the quality is great. Black Friday Deals have already begun, with 60% off EVERYTHING for a limited time.

Shop My Favorites

What are you looking forward to shopping for during cyber week?

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6 Skincare Beauty Products for Fall Season!

I’m so happy that October is here, and fall has officially begun. Since the pandemic, I’ve started taking my skincare regimen very seriously. Taking care of my skin has become my favorite beauty ritual. Now that we have to wear a mask nearly everywhere we go, taking care of your skin is very important to avoid breakouts. Though I already have a daily skin care regimen for my combination skin, I added a few other products that I’m enjoying. Therefore, I had to share these 6 skincare beauty products to try this fall for sensitive skin.

Skincare beauty products for fall

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure for more information.

Dermalogica- Precleanse Cleansing Oil

I recently heard about the Dermalogica Precleanse Cleansing Oil, and initially thought it would be unnecessary for me to purchase even though the reviews were great. However, after doing more research I realized it had a few benefits for me to give it a try.

If you wear makeup quite often like I do, this is a must have! I use it at night only, and knowing how to apply it I think makes a big difference.

Before wetting my face, I dispense the oil into my dry hands. I massage over my dry face, and my makeup dissolves. I then wet my hands and continue massaging until it turns into a milky solution. I rinse with warm water, and then use Dermalogica’s Microfoliant Exfoliator right after.

Even when I don’t wear makeup, I love that it removes my sunscreen and other environmental pollution from my skin. Living in New York City, there are so many pollutants in the air that by the end of day my skin has so much build up. Nothing feels better after you wash your face, and you feel like it’s actually clean! Without clogging my pores, it nourishes and gently exfoliates my skin.

Some may be turned off by how strong it smells. However, if that’s not a deal breaker definitely go for it!

Fresh- Rose Floral Toner

I love a product that is “a two in one”. The rose floral is not just a toner, but also a setting spray. Once it starts to get colder, using this toner will be great to add additional hydrating benefits when you apply to your blending beauty sponge.

The toner is alcohol free, so it doesn’t strip and irritate my skin. The option to spray or dispense on to a cotton pad is also a bonus.

Yes, I like options 🙂

For me, I love spritzing it onto my face and then gently patting my face with a cotton pad to dry. My skin feels so soft after using it. I know that it’s not striping the moisture out of my skin.

It’s great for all skin types! The main ingredient, Rose Water, helps sooth and even your skin tone. Most of my skincare beauty products for fall has rose water.

Another great tip is to use it as a mask primer. After cleansing, I mist the toner over my face before applying any of my favorite masks. This is actually great to do before and after. Toning before will make sure all the dirt the cleanser may have missed is removed, and your skin is prepped to absorb the mask. By toning after, it helps to lock in all the benefits of the mask used, and preps your skin to absorb all the moisture when you apply your moisturizer.

My Favorite Masks:

Skincare Beauty Products for Fall- Face mask

Fresh- Rose Face Mask

My favorite mask!

Fresh gifted me the mini size, and I loved it so much that I purchased the standard size once it was nearly finished.

The Rose Face mask can be used everyday. Yes that’s right…everyday!

It’s the perfect mask to pamper yourself after a long day. With rosewater, aloe vera gel and cucumber extract, the mask instantly hydrates and soothes your skin. It’s a great mask to use in between your more detoxifying masks. With so many natural ingredients, it should be beneficial for all skin types.

This will be a favorite for me during the fall and winter season, to ensure my skin stays moisturized and supple.

Urban Skin Rx Purifying 2-in-1 Pumpkin Pore Detox Mask & Scrub

I’m pretty sure if you’re a beauty junkie, you would have heard about Urban Skin RX Pumpkin pore detox mask and scrub. The pleasant pumpkin scent and self warming feel against your skin is the perfect pick me up in Fall.

It might be alarming for some when you feel the mask heating up on your face. However, I was able to get used to it after using it after a few months. Anytime I want to unclog my pores and shed my dull skin, I’ve used the Pumpkin Mask and Scrub. My pores have significantly gotten smaller since using it.

If your skin is sensitive like mine, you shouldn’t use it more than twice a week and leave it on for no more than 10 minutes.

Urban Skin Rx Acne and Blemish Control Mask

Whenever I get pesky breakouts right before “that time of the month”, I use the Urban Acne and Blemish Control Mask. It has helped tremendously to fight my acne and prevent breakouts in the future. It’s also a great spot treatment!

What I really love about Urban RX, is that their skincare products are made to help all skin tones. They have made it their duty to especially address melanin women’s skin care issues. As a black woman, I’m prone to having an uneven skin tone. In a short time, the mask has helped to even out my skin tone and improve the appearance of dark spots from old acne scars. It’s a must have skincare beauty product!

Skincare Beauty Products for Fall- Face Cream


Fresh Rose & Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydration Moisturizer

Fresh gifted the mini size of the Rose & Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydration Moisturizer, and loved it so much that I bought the standard size.

With combination skin, I used to be scared of using a moisturizer often because I was afraid it would make my skin look overly shiny. However, it is very important to moisturize your skin. It prevents your skin from breaking out, and dullness.

As I put the deep hydrating moisturizer on my skin, I can feel my skin retaining the moisture. My skin feels so supple, and it really does not lose its plumpness until I’m ready to cleanse at the end of day or next morning.

I really wish this wasn’t a limited edition because it is such a great moisturizer!  If you want a moisturizer for Fall will give your skin a dewy look, hydrate and moisturizes your skin, definitely give it a try.

             Shop The Post

Do you have any skincare beauty products for fall you are loving? I would love to hear down below!

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My Favorite Fall Lipstick Colors for Women of Color!

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure for more information.

Fall Lipstick Colors for Brown Skin Women- NYX

When I find a lipstick I love, I can’t do without it. It’s imperative to get the right lipstick shades that complement my complexion. Whenever I find colors that works well for my skin tone, I usually buy it over and over again. Lipstick has become an essential product in my makeup bag. With a fresh face or makeup done, I like to apply lipstick to enhance my look.

I usually wear more matte lipsticks in fall/winter, rather than glossy lipsticks which I use in spring/summer. However, the colors I’m looking forward to wearing are pink, burgundy, purple, and red. Seeing that Fall is soon approaching, I have to share some of my favorite fall lipstick colors for women of color that I use and love.

1. NYX Professional Makeup Powder Puff Lippie- “Pop Quiz”

I wasn’t sure if I would like the cushion- applicator, but I actually really like it! I love how easy the color applies, and how soft the finish is. Wearing Burgundy lipstick during the fall and winter season is a must! That’s why I know I’ll be using the “Pop Quiz” color a lot, because it is a great burgundy shade for women of color.

2. Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick- “Red Velvet”

“Red Velvet” has been my favorite lipstick for a few years now! There is nothing like finding the right shade of red lipstick. Because when you do, you probably will not want to use another. Not only is the color perfect, it’s long lasting. I know a few brands will say they are, but this Sephora lip stain really does not need to be reapplied after hours of wear. Though it is also a matte finish, it doesn’t dry out your lips.

3.Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color- “Vivid Pink”

Fuchsia pink will be a great statement lip color for fall season, and “Vivid Pink” fits the bill! It is such a pretty color, even though you probably wouldn’t wear it often. I like that its not too bright, and will actually look good on all skin tones.

4.Milani Color Statement Lipstick- “Plumrose”

Another statement color, “Plumrose” is a great purple shade for women of color. Milani lipsticks are super moisturizing, with a satin finish. It’s not too dark, so I can easily create my desired mood. Therefore, if I want to create a more vampy look, I can apply a few layers to darken the shade.

What lipstick or colors you can’t do without for Fall?

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My Beauty Essential Products For Combination Skin!

I think like a lot of women, I have had a love hate relationship with my skin. However, with trial and error I have come to discover some great beauty essential products for combination skin that have worked for me. I also have pretty sensitive skin, so it is imperative that I find products that are gentle on my skin and still effective!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure for more information.

Morning Beauty Regimen

Morning Regimen for combination skin

I particularly love to have two face cleansers. I think your skin has different needs at the beginning of the day and at night. In the morning, I prefer a cleanser that is super light and detoxifying to start my day. So I use Acure Brightening Cleansing Gel. I love this cleanser because it is vegan, cruelty and paraben- free. Due to my sensitive skin, I need a product that can give me a deep clean without stripping my natural skin moisture, and it does just that.

After cleansing my face, I follow up with a Rose Petal alcohol free toner from Witch Hazel. I use this toner day and night to reduce redness and even my skin tone. I’ve used quite a few toners, but I have always come back to Witch Hazel due to how tight my pores appear and the natural glow it gave me.

I then apply the Drunk Elephant C-Firma, which is a vitamin C day serum. It is loaded with antioxidants, nutrients, and fruit enzymes to firm and brighten the skin’s appearance. Since using this Vitamin C serum, I have seen my skin become more even and my pimple scars fade quickly. The scent may bother others, but I honestly do not mind it. I cannot smell it once I mix it with the B-hydra intensive hydration serum.

This is also a light weight serum, which hydrates and locks in the moisture to your skin to improve the skins texture and tone. Compared to how sticky the C-Firma is, I love that the B-hydra has a watery texture so when mixed together it spreads easily.

When wearing a serum, especially Vitamin C, you would need a SPF moisturizer. So I finish off with Cetaphil’s Facial Moisturizer SPF 50, which does not irritate my skin and clog my pores. I also love the fact that a little goes a long way!

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Night-Time Beauty Regimen

Night Time Beauty Regimen- Beauty Essential Products

At night I use Dermologica Daily Microfoliant Exfoliator, which is great to use after wearing makeup all day or for me after shooting my looks. With combination skin it can be tricky because my T- zone is usually very oily in the summer time, while in winter of course it may become dry. However, both cleansers are great for all skin types so I can use them year round.

I love how the Daily Microfoliant Exfoliator gives me a deep clean without drying out my skin, even when I use it with my facial cleansing brush. And I should also mention it is awesome for sensitive skin!

After applying my toner, I mix Drunk Elephant’s T.L.C Famboos Glycolic Resurfacing Night Serum and Virgin Marula Antioxidant Face Oil to complete my night time skincare routine.

The night serum has a blend of: glycolic plus (for youthful complexion) ; tartaric (enhancing skins natural glow); citric acids (unclogs blocked pores and balances skin PH); salicylic (to fight acne) ; and lactic (for hydration and sensitivity).

If the glycolic dosage is very high in a product I tend to get a reaction. I love the fact that it is a low dosage, and is ideal for those who are just starting to use serums.

The Virgin Marula oil is the perfect combo with the serum because it hydrates and nurtures your skin for the whole night. It’s doesn’t give you the undesirable “oily” look, but instead you wake up with the perfect glow!

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