Functional & Fashionable Workout Gear For Women!

Lululemon- Functional & Fashionable workout gear for women

Hey guys! 🙂 Now that winter is behind us, I’ve started back working out at the gym 4-5 times a week. For me, wearing workout gear I do not feel good in does not motivate me to workout. As a past stylist for Footlocker Inc., I’ve tried and purchased quite a few athletic wear brands that I love and still use. That’s why I have to share some functional and fashionable workout gear that would be perfect for Spring and Summer!

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Functional & Fashionable Workout Gear

One of the brands I would love to suggest is Lululemon. They are an athletic apparel company for all sweaty activities: yoga, running, and training. Their designs were first made for women to wear during yoga. However, the feedback from athletes and ambassadors persuaded them to make apparel for other sweaty pursuits. I’ve been trying to shed “quarantine weight” and Lululemon’s apparel have been great for cardio workouts. My favorite piece from them are the Everlux high rise shorts because it is sweat-wicking, highly breathable, and drys quickly. I also like the Long Line Bra which is also moisture-wicking and supportive. Their apparel is not only functional, but is fashionable with their eye-catching prints.

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Wunder Train Long Line Bra | Everlux High Rise Shorts

Do you have a favorite athletic apparel company that you use? Let me know below!

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  1. These look great! My GF has been looking for new workout gear, and she hasn’t found anything she likes yet. I’ll have to tell her about this.

  2. WOOT! I have to head over to Lululemon. I’ve been thinking about replacing my workout gear, and I have friends who swear by the company.

  3. Lululemon sounds like an excellent brand to choose for workout gear. I’ve always said that comfort is so important when you’re making yourself UNcomfortable in the gym!

  4. These outfits are so pretty! I would really be motivated to exercise if I had them. I will check these out. Lululemon sure looks like a great clothing brand.

  5. I have this friend whose birthday is coming and she loves doing workouts! I just find these outfits perfect as a gift for here! I love the designs!

  6. These styles are all so cute!! I’m always looking for new workout outfits. I love these shorts especially with summer coming up.

  7. I’ve heard so much about Lululemon. But mostly about the horrific murder that occurred in one of their stores years ago. I never realised how gorgeous their clothing was.

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