How I Get Better Sleep At Night Using COOP Pillows!

Bed- How I Get Better Sleep At Night Using COOP Pillows!

Don’t you dislike sleeping with a pillow and waking up in pain? I do! Not only am I in pain, I wake up and still feel tired. However, if you’re like me I would suggest trying an adjustable pillow. Thanks to COOP Home Goods gifting me “The Original” pillow, I get better sleep at night. In order for me to have a balance in my daily life, I have to make sure I feel well rested after a nap or night sleep. And so should you!

hugging- How I Get Better Sleep At Night Using COOP Pillows!

The Original

First, you can take a quiz to find out which pillow is best for you. I need support and “The Original” pillow has done that. It’s stuffed with medium firm blend of memory foam and microfiber. However, It is the great balance between support and comfort. No matter your sleeping position or your physical size, you can add or remove some of the supportive fill to you aligned.

The Eden

“The Eden” pillow is great for sleepers that may overheat or sleep on their stomachs. This pillow has softness, but it is also supportive. It’s filled with a breathable, gel infused memory foam that can be adjusted to you body and sleep position.

Body Pillow

This pillow will be great for side sleepers, cuddlers and pain sufferers. However, it is extremely beneficial for pregnant women. It was designed to be hugged to keep the hips, legs, and spine aligned. You can add or remove some of the fill and mold it to fit your needs. Therefore, it is definitely great for full body support and comfort all night!

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List- How I Get Better Sleep At Night Using COOP Pillows!
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  1. I’m a body pillow gal! Pregnancy completely changed the way I sleep. These Coop pillows look awesome.

  2. Ok I think I need one of those body pillows! I am a side sleeper and I always have such a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep, I have to hug pillows lol.

  3. I need to try these. I have always had a hard time sleeping, so I’m always looking for anything that will help me.

  4. Oooh how cool that they’ve designed a quiz that determines which pillow is best for you. That’s really creative. I’ll have to take it and find out which one I should get when I move soon!

  5. I remember having a body pillow when I was pregnant but I rarely think about my pillows now. I will have to look into this! Thanks for sharing!

  6. A pillow with a 5 year warranty! Fantastic! I have to get that for me and my husband. We change pillows every year, so I think it is about time we check out these Coop pillows.

  7. I need to try this! I love body pillows! I love soft and comfortable pillows too. Great recommendation!

  8. I have a lot of back and neck issues, so the right pillow is a must for me. It took a lot of time, but now I have a supportive pillow. Also, a body pillow has been life-changing for me.

  9. My pillows are getting a little dingy- they’re so comfortable but probably need to be replaced soon. I should look into these!

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