Life In Sheertex: The Most Durable Pantyhose On The Market!

Life In Sheertex: The most durable pantyhose on the market (1)

Hey guys! I’m so excited to introduce you to the most durable pantyhose on the market, Sheertex! They believe in making products that are as strong as you are, and these sheers are built to last. 

Life In Sheertex: The most durable tights on the market (2)
Black Classic Sheer Tights

Sheertex was able to create their own miracle fiber in Montreal, Canada. Instead of throwing away disposable tights, Sheertex reuse and replace them with a strong and long-lasting knit that can be reworn, again and again!

A few facts about Sheertex:

  • Anti-Microbial & Water-Resistant
  • Unbreakable In Human Hands 
  • Ethically Made In Montreal
  • Made Strong By Sheertex Knit Technology 
  • Made For Everyone
Life In Sheertex: The most durable tights on the market (3)

I love that these pantyhose can literally keep up with any activity I’m doing. Other tights can’t live up to the pulling and tugging that may happen when I’m taking it off, or putting it on.  However, the fact that I don’t need to be gentle with my pantyhose or have a backup ever is a relief! I’ve tried a few brands, and this is by far the most durable pantyhose on the market.

I got the black classic sheer tights  which is the strongest sheer tights on the market.  As well as the nude sheer tights  which seamlessly adapt to your skin tone. Both tights proprietary knit are made using the world’s strongest polymers, so they are really tough! 

Use code 𝗦𝗔𝗩𝗘𝟮𝟬 to get 20% off on your entire order. Every pair comes with a 30 day guarantee. 

                                                      Shop the best tights you’ll ever have!

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  1. Okay, I need to try these! I gave up on wearing pantyhose to work because it annoyed me how often I ripped them. These sound way more durable!

  2. To be honest – I ahve wearing pantyhose, they always just break!
    Maybe I should give try these 🙂

    And may I say – you are a stunning woman!

  3. That’s pretty awesome. I have to show this to my GF. She’s always complaining about her hose ripping.

  4. Panty hose is something I used to see quite a bit on the legs of ladies everywhere, but I don’t see this much anymore. I’m guessing that living in a warm climate now is part of the reason!

  5. These are lovely. I stopped wearing pantyhose20 years ago but if I was going to wear some, I would need to check these out. Ripping your hose can be annoying…

  6. Oh my! I am so tired of buying pantyhose and having them run after wearing them a handful of times. I need to grab a pair of these for sure.

  7. OMG! I cant wait to try these! time and time again I wear panty hose to spice up an outfit and the smallest thing will create a run or tear. I always end up buying cheap ones which get ruined the easiest because messing them up in inevitable. But Now i have a new brand to try!!

  8. Would love to check this brand. It is nice to know that there are durable pantyhose available in the market. Thank you for sharing since I am so tired of the usual ones that run easily.

  9. it’s been forever since I have worn hose, but I do love wearing them with boots and dresses in the winter! great look!

  10. Can guys wear Sheertex pantyhose as well? I see on the Sheertex web site many photos of men wearing Sheertex sheer pantyhose. It’s like these tights are unisex and I wouldn’t mine trying them if they live up to your review.

  11. Can guys wear these Sheertex tights as well? I see on the Sheertex web site many photos of men wearing the Sheeertex Sheers pantyhose. I wouldn’t mine trying a pair of the Sheertex tights if they actually live up to your review.

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